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Glenboden has been a specialised practitioner in mergers and acquisitions, in branded FMCG, for over 20 years.

Glenboden provides forward-looking identification of emerging acquirers, ripening divestment candidates, portfolio reshuffles, secondary deal opportunities, new strategic or valuation patterns, breakthroughs, match–making and other M&A scenarios.

Glenboden’s originations service is addressed to executives, analysts, entrepreneurs, investors, professionals. In Glenboden you’ll find the originations that will animate and facilitate your own work.

Our originations are based on the ‘could or should do’ of apparent and stated strategies, financial fundamentals and M&A trajectories; not on ‘news’.

Glenboden is unique and ground-breaking, in the field of one-to-many originations, provided by genuine M&A practitioners. Join us now for new originations.

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GLENBODEN originations are supported by key valuation data to further stimulate and inform your research.

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GLENBODEN has accurately predicted a growing number of subsequently completed M&A transactions.

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